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Stoeptroep is a collaboration between Anika Hochstenbach and Lotte Koppens.

A project starting during the 2020 quarantaine where we wanted to manifest ourselves in the open air. This way we wanted to make art accesible for more people, especially during the pandemic when museums were closed. 

Searching for playfullness in ways of making led to drawing with chalk on public walls in Dordrecht. The temporariness of the chalk creates a free space in which new ways of drawing can be discovered.


26 april 2020, Grote Markt Dordrecht

4 (1).jpg
3 (2).jpg
1 (1).jpg
WhatsApp Video 2020-05-24 at 17.03.58
Video afspelen

13 mei 2020, Gravenstraat Dordrecht

24 juli 2021, Scheffersplein Dordrecht

oogverblindend 1 (1).jpg
Neus 1.jpg

22 en 23 september 2023, during The Big Draw

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